Did I Hear a Niner?

Three quarters of a year. I’m weighing in just under twenty pounds and measuring up at almost 30 inches (mom is a bad measurer if the doctor is right). I’m speed crawling, pulling up on everything, cruising furniture and trying to use my parents as ladders. My new nickname this week is Full Throttle, I can’t be stopped. I’m sleeping almost all the way through the night (up once still to eat) in my crib and continue to be more vocal everyday. This month I’ve tried cucumber, chicken, cauliflower, lemon, black beans, potatoes, onions and have loved them all! I have cut a third tooth (top left)through and think my fourth is soon to appear. I like Pokemon hunting with daddy (eye roll from mom) and like to hold my own bottle/sippy cups now like a big boy. See More



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