Today and Everyday 

I’ve been a pretty terrible blogger for the past 75% of a year. I offer no excuses, and honestly I am not sorry. PB is still not a great sleeper (albeit improving) so my “late night” blogging has now turned into me snoozing when I can. I am still nursing (that goal of one year is holding strong so far!) so night time wake up calls are still mostly dependent on me. PC is willing to help, but I would have to get up and pump anyhow if I didn’t nurse to make up for the bottles and then we would BOTH me up and that’s just a pain. I am proud of the fact that we are still nursing strong. No judgment here for any formula babes but breastfeeding and working full time is hard y’all. Almost everyone I know that went back to work after baby had to supplement at minimum and I feel really accomplished that we’ve kept up to this point! Don’t get me wrong, some days/weeks are harder than others, and my supply definitely drops with my pending cycle like a caution warning. Stop. Alert. You are about to get red death. I’ve used some of our frozen supply to make up for shortages and to cover a night out last visit when my mom was here. I hesitate to even call the freezer a “supply”. There are probably  less than 20 bottles worth left, but hey, we have 9-10 month old and haven’t burned all the way through it yet!Speaking of the crazy man. HE.IS.WILD. It’s my favorite stage so far, although I’ve been warned I will keep saying that from here on out. He’s into everything, but man on man is the developing personality so fun! We are in a little bit of a mommy-centric stage right now, but I don’t truthfully mind. If he’s a 9 year old and has separation issues, I will be to blame, but right now I am just soaking up all his giggles. Seriously, he thinks I am hysterical. We are getting four top teeth at once. FOUR. Glass half full—lets get out they cranky teething nights twice as fast? We are thinking (sort of afraid) he will walk soon as crazy as that feels. The other boys at his babysitter are bigger than him and showing him the ways of the world.

We graduated to a big boy car seat this week, as the infant carrier is just getting too short for this long guy! He’s a huge fan of the backyard kiddie pool and just a cool little dude in general.


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