Ten Month Tears

I’m overwhelmed at how much and how fast our little human is growing. Every week let alone month feels like it’s soaring by.

From the babe: The fastest 10 months ever! I have 6 teeth and at least two more that look ready to break through. I’m a ball of energy and baby giggles and I’m on the move nonstop. I’ve tried blackberries, black and green olives, and mushrooms this month and continue to like most foods. I like feeding Bandit snacks, pulling/climbing on everything and bath time is still a favorite! I’m getting good at feeding myself and standing so often it’s only a matter of time before I walk. I still weigh approximately 20.5 lbs. and I’m still 30.5 inches of hard to measure wiggly worm. I’m a pro in my batman walker and “talk” non stop. Can’t believe we are creeping up on one year!


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