April, May, Same thing?

Ever just blink and suddenly several weeks have blurred all together? Having one of those time periods now and not even sure where to start with an update. Three weeks ago, I planned a Friday off from work so that I could FINALLY paint the playroom. The addition to our house has taken *ahem* more time than we originally thought, and now that it’s oh so close to being completely finished, our house is starting to look normal again. Our back porch room will eventually be the playroom and I’ve picked out an awesome burnt orange to paint two of the walls. I was so pumped and motivated, I bought curtains, bought the paint and painting supplies and just had to make it through 4 days of work.  Except that nothing is ever that easy and since then, we’ve managed to have one kidney infection, two coughs, two sniffles, two sinus infections, one tear duct infection between the three of us. Add to that the latest take you to your knees, pray to the porcelain gods and try not to die stomach bug and we were one sexy bunch for a bit there!

The doc in the box for my kidney infection tried suggesting muscle relaxers first, and that I should simply give up nursing until I wasn’t on them (before he knew it was my kidney and not a pulled back muscle). Excuse me sir, but I have not dealt with months of no sleep, chapped nipples, embarrassing wet marks on my shirt, and a constant smell of milk, to merely just “stop” for a bit.

The good news is, we are healed now! The house has been disinfected and we are all three finally seemingly feeling good again even though I am afraid to say that out loud in fear of jinxing us. I had a massage on Saturday which was AMAZING and yesterday we spent my first “real” Mother’s Day with some friends out at their place on the St. John’s River. I saw my first real one to celebrate since it’s the first one with baby here on the outside. Last year was all sorts of emotional. So much excitement and still so much fear about the outcome of the pregnancy. I still can’t get over the fact a year ago were just announcing our pregnancy to the world. I was so anxious about how it would be received on the blog and my our friends “still trying”, and I had fear that we would announce the pregnancy and then something would go wrong.

So here we are, next up Father’s Day, and I have to start preparing something for PC! I ordered him a “DaddySaurus” t-shirt straight out of China (I thought) so I figured it would be weeks away in transit. Showed up early and I caved and gave it to him early! Now I have to think of something else!